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Old 11-30-2008, 06:53 AM
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Talking Christmas Contest 2008

Please make one original, interesting or funny post in this forum.

The best post gets a $100 gift card just in time for Christmas! Voting starts on December 12, so hurry!

There will be more and better contests with higher prizes for active members in the future. To be an active member you need to make at least 15 posts a month - interesting, informative or funny posts.

But for this first contest - anyone and everyone can participate!

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Old 12-14-2008, 11:08 AM
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Re: Christmas Contest 2008

Where are all the posters???

THis is a great prize, and at christmas time! Nice Gift.

I will make a post, god knows i have had enough special days! lollllllllllllllllllllllll is my special day post

Why are men so aduh???

I sent my husband to the grocery store the other day to pick up some Crystal Light drink was on sale ...Buy 1 get 1 Free.

He came home with 1 mix??

I asked him why he only has one drink, because they were buy one get one free....and he replied..." i took the Free One"....???????????????


good lord!!
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Old 02-03-2009, 10:16 AM
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Re: Christmas Contest 2008

Well here is the Winners Story
It was from my Son Anthony.

Again Thanks Dom Your always the best in my book.

Re: Christmas Contest 2008
Bingo, a game originating in Italy as “Lotto”, and then eventually
“Beano”, is never always about winning, it’s about having fun like a
kindergartner, but with much bigger markers. I am currently living a life
with parents who believe that children, cats, and bingo are the most
valuable assets for a happier life. Although my parents are bingo
fanatics, they are the generation with fewer wrinkles. Bingo players will
win, and some will lose, but everyone is bound to come back for more while
persuading their children to take over the family tradition of chance. In
my opinion, bingo is not only a hobby, but an addiction that beats all
other addictions.

My name is Tony. I grew up as the teenager, abandoned in front of the
bingo hall entrance, tediously waiting for the game to end. The security
guards, chuckled at my impatience as I slouched against the wall, knew I
was barely eighteen. Finally, the game was over, and the outcome of luck
was based on facial expressions. Sometimes, for a bingo player, a poker
face was effective. My reward for waiting was dinner in one of the
restaurants located outside the casino. If that was not enough to smile
about, I knew I had fewer dishes in the sink when we arrived back home.

When September 3rd arrived, my eighteenth birthday, I wanted to rush to
the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut. As I approached the
bingo hall entrance, the security guards were not so tough anymore. I
smiled, sauntered through the doors, and embraced my first few minutes in
a room crowded with senior citizens. Then, my parents lead the way to the
smoking section as I was generously showered with winks, and grins from
experienced players. I politely grinned, and waved back as I continued my
tour. Suddenly, my parents motioned their hands at the table, and
suggested to sit down somewhere. I never had an interest in smoking, and I
always sat a seat away from either of them to avoid the smoke. I made
myself comfortable, beginning to search for girls around my age. The girls
in the bingo hall may have not been Pamela Anderson, nor do they even come
close to resemblance with her in “Baywatch”, but I spotted a few
interesting individuals who either were legal age, or just slipped right
through the doors with their good looks.

A true bingo player has little figurines, of any kind, that provides them
with sentimental value, and luck. My mother has ownership in the family
“collection”, rather than my father who jokes about her Buddha, and all of
her other extraordinary friends. Personally, sentimental value is when
intermission in a bingo hall becomes a dream come true when a young,
beautiful girl walks over to me, while her long, vibrant hair sways in the
aroma of smoke, and outdated clothes drenched in perfume. Then, as her
smile glistens like white New England snow, she writes her number on my
bingo card. Finally, she signs the card with her name, suddenly winks, and
then turns away. Whether or not my card had the winning numbers, I knew I
have already won for the day. Although that idea in a bingo hall does
sound dreamy to ever happen, it rarely happens, and even if it did, it
would be a very different description of the girl. Probably, someone who
does something outrageously corny when the caller yells out “069”!

When I get older, I probably will bring a few favorite inanimate objects
with me, but rather than have the obvious bingo related collectibles, mine
would most likely be all the phone numbers on the bingo cards that I
managed to rack up during my bingo gaming experience. If someone notices,
and curiously asks, I’ll just say, “the caller does not call these
numbers, but I eventually will.”
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Old 12-08-2010, 05:55 PM
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Re: Christmas Contest 2008

This was such a great read . i loved the whole thing .

and to think all these years of playing bingo i have been

collecting the wrong things lol

I should have been getting my onw numbers of men lol

Thanks again for a great story
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Old 05-31-2017, 04:56 PM
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Re: Christmas Contest 2008

Yes indeed highnoon, Party T gave us some great information on how the game of bingo originated.

Bingo used to be a game that the older generation thoroughly enjoyed. But lately I have noticed more and more of the younger generation going to bingo or playing bingo online.

I just wish that so many of our brick and mortar bingo halls hadn't closed. Its getting harder and harder to find a place close to home to play bingo any more. But thankfully we have online bingo that we can depend on.
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