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Old 07-16-2008, 01:27 PM
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This forum is a community for people who like to play games. It can be online or offline, Casino, Poker, Bingo, Skills, Fantasy Sports - whatever. If we share our experiences with various games we will all become better players, have more fun and win more often. As the community grows, we can get more special promos, contests and tournaments going. Like any consumer community, there is strength in numbers. The more of us post here, the more clout we will have and the better we will fare. We can keep each other safe.

Here are some posting rules:

1. Be polite. Everyone is entitled to their opinon, like it or not. No insults, no flames, no accusations, no slander.

2. No ing. No advertising your sites or your specials. If you are a regular poster with at least two useful, meaningful posts a week, we like you to have your site in your signature, regardless of what it is about except for porn. Your site is your signature in a way, it tells a lot about you.

3. No accusatory titles, such as "casino xxx cheats and steals and is rigged". If you want to vent, title the thread "casino xxxx" and describe your experience.

4. If you want help, don't post but contact us directly. We can only help with places you signed up with directly through here - but we can refer you to someone who will help if you have trouble with other places. We are not a watchdog site, but we will take care of our own.

5. Rogue places - everyone has their own definition. After many years in this industry, we know pretty well who will take care of us and who won't. We know who gets the most player complaints and who gets the least. We know which places have loyal players who come back for years and which places people dislike and won't go back to. We base our decisions mostly on that. We can't and won't police the internet, but we make sure we can trust our sponsors to take care of our community.

So, the forums should be comfortable and safe for all. They should be a place to learn and to share. We are here to support each other and make our playing experience a better one.

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