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Re: Pittsburgh Penguins are Eliminated

Yeah, the Philly's are one of my favorite hockey teams. That all came about when I lived there for a couple years, and of course they can be winners from time to time.

As for basketball, I don't have a team picked out for that sport.

Even though basketball use to be one of my favorite sports and that's because I was a good forward guard in school.

I think they liked me in that possition because I had fast hands and I could steal the ball and take it down to the other end of the court for a score.

So much so, that they benched me because I was taking all the fun away from their games (I'm thinking there was a little side-betting and they didn't like me ruining the outcome).
And that's one of the reasons I don't follow basketball.
Live and Let Live, but most importantly: Have Fun doing it!
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